); Buy White Sandalwood Natural, Pure Organic With Quality Assurance. This Product is in Small Pieces of Approx 30 Grams Weight.
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Buy White Sandalwood Natural, Pure Organic With Quality Assurance. This Product is in Small Pieces of Approx 30 Grams Weight.

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We are a Bulk Supplier, Exporter of Sandalwood Logs, Selling for Commercial Use. Such as Arts & Craft, Furniture, Home Decoration, Oil Extracting, Beauty Products, Organic and Ayurvedic Use. 

It's also known as Santalum album is included in the family Santalaceae, and is commonly known as white or East Indian sandalwood. The name, Santalum ovatum, used by Robert Brown in Prodromus Florae Novae Hollandiae (1810) was described as a synonym of this species by Alex George in 1984. The epithet album refers to the "white" of the heartwood.
Family: Santalaceae
Genus: Santalum
Kingdom: Plantae
Species: S. album

The sandalwood tree is used to produce two fragrant items, oil and a wood. The oil was used in perfumes, medicines, and incense. The wood was used to make decorative objects. The oils has been used in medicine for at least three thousand years, and, is so powerful.
Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album) is the source of world famous sandal wood oil, which is extensively used in the perfumery industry. Both wood and oil are used in incense, perfumes and in medicine.

sandalwood being closely grained and amicable to carving, the wood is suitable for making idols and boxes of exquisite beauty. Major portion of the sandal wood oil is produced by steam distillation of the pulverized heart wood and root. The yield of oil varies from 1.5-2.0 percent. The main constituents of sandal wood oil are a and b santalols which account for 90-03percent of the oil.

Santalum album, or Indian sandalwood, is a small tropical tree, and the traditional source of sandalwood oil. It is native to southern India and Southeast Asia. It is considered sacred in some religions, and some cultures place great significance on its fragrant and medicinal qualities. However, the high value of the species has caused over-exploitation, to the point where the wild population is vulnerable to extinction. Indian sandalwood still commands high prices for its essential oil owing to its high alpha santalol content, but due to lack of sizable trees it is no longer used for fine woodworking as before. The plant is long-lived, but harvest is only viable after many years.

Other Name: Indian Sandalwood, Sandal Wood, Fragrant Sandalwood, White Sandalwood, Chandan, Safed – chandan, Sukhad, Srigandha, Chandanam, Chandana, Sandanam, Chandamam

We Supply for Commercial Use and Other Purpose. Contact Us for Bulk Order Supply.

  • HSN Code / HS Codes 12119050 : HS Classifcations of Sandalwood chips and dust.
  • GST Rate: 5% (As on 2021)

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