); Digital Startups for small and medium-sized enterprises

Digital Startups for small and medium-sized enterprises

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1. Favors flexibility and innovation
Many technological processes and innovations are attributed to small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs). Since large enterprises tend to focus on improving the old products to produce more quantities and obtain general benefits of dimensional economy, such companies are not as flexible as SMEs.

In order to be successful, SMEs focus on creating new products or services; hence, they are capable of adapting faster to the changing requirements of the market. SMEs play a vital role in shaping a country’s economy. They can be considered an attractive and huge innovative system. Due to the socially and economically beneficial effects of the SMEs, the sector is considered an area of strategic interest in an economy.

2. Creates a more competitive and healthier economy
Small and medium-sized enterprises stimulate competition for the design of products, prices, and efficiency. Without SMEs, large enterprises would hold a monopoly in almost all the activity areas.

3. Assists big enterprises
Small and medium-sized enterprises help large companies in some areas of operation that they are better able to supply. Hence, SMEs are dissolved immediately; the big enterprises will be forced to be involved in more activities, which may not be efficient for these enterprises. Activities such as supplying raw materials and distributing the finished goods created by big enterprises are developed more efficiently by SMEs.

The significance of small and medium-sized enterprises is also recognized by the governments. Hence, they offer regular incentives to SMEs, such as easier access to loans and better tax treatment.


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