); Lab Certified Indischen™ Brand Original Rudraksha in 6-7 MM Bead Pendent Style for Men/Women and Yoga.

Lab Certified Indischen™ Brand Original Rudraksha in 6-7 MM Bead Pendent Style for Men/Women and Yoga.

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Individuals from every walk of life irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality or gender can use the divine Rudraksha to attain maximum spiritual, physical and material benefits.

Rudraksha means tears of Rudra (Lord Shiva). they are the most sacred objects with mystical energies. For millennia, these pearls have been used by humans to experience spiritual, material and medical benefits. It is said that someone who wears Rudraksha is protected from all negative influences. The natural electromagnetic properties of sacred Rudraksha pearls improve concentration, focus and mental endurance. According to the Ayurvedic scriptures, wearing Rudraksha has a positive effect on people's health. The effect of the rituals and mantra recitations is amplified tenfold. attention! Rudraksha is a natural material, so the color of the mala can naturally vary. This pearl necklace is mainly used when reciting and singing mantras. It therefore actually has the same function as a rosary for Catholics. The pearls, consisting of semi-precious stones, real pearls, bodhi seeds or wood, are suitable for many purposes: e.B. for counting all kinds of mantras or other prayers, bows, tours and the like. The string is the same for all varieties of Malas and should consist of nine threads symbolizing the Buddha Vajradhara and the eight Bodhisattvas. The great pearl at the end symbolizes the wisdom that realizes the complete emptiness and the cylindrical pearl above it symbolizes the emptiness itself. Together, they symbolize that all obstacles have been overcome. The 108-pearl mala is used to recite or sing mantras. The number 108 is the ideal number for all purposes. It is important that our thoughts are pure while reciting or singing a mantra. A mantra is the practical use of positive energies that help us grow and protect our minds. A mantra is a collection of syllables from the Tibetan or Sanskrit alphabet. The effect is achieved by repeating the mantra. it becomes stronger the longer you repeat it. Of essential importance is the sound that is created during recitation. The vibration of the sound produces and creates a unique spiritual impression in the mind of the reciting person. It is said that a mantra is like a human being: one must go through different stages before the real effect – the purification of mental impressions – is achieved. There are different mantras, some of which already carry the highest potential of healing. These mantras can only be transferred from the master or guru to the disciple. They are called 'Siddha Mantras'.

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